What is a Mensch? Adapted from The Possible Human by Jean Houston

What is a Mensch? Here are a few of the responses I received to that question?

"A Mensch is a full person."

"A Mensch is not a hero. A hero is a one-shot deal while a Mensch is forever."

"A Mensch lives on all levels."

"A Mensch loves to take his children to the zoo and doesn't mind doing the income tax."

" A Mensch can give with grace and receive with the same. When a Mensch scrubs the toilet bowl, he's cleaning up the world."

" When a Mensch walks down the street even the sidewalk feels good."

" When you are with a Mensch you grow a little."

" A Mensch celebrates life."

" A Mensch has leaky margins."

" A Mensch loves to learn, loves to laugh, loves to listen."

" A Mensch knows how to cry."

" A Mensch sees the Mensch in you."

" The Mensch is the human possibility in all of us. The Mensch is the ultimate musician, the Artist of the High Practice. The Mensch is ourselves whenever we go into High Self. And having experienced ourselves as High Self, we are enchanted by the beauty and the wonder of this memory, by this glimpse of the possibility within. The Mensch, once invited in, is here to stay."

And so we, as the Mensch, have the power to restore to one another the glory of who we are.