On March 31, 2007 Desmond Berghofer and Geraldine Schwartz launched their latest books, which illustrate in novel and creative ways the core principles of ethical leadership.

Antale Journeys


Praise for the Books

Journeys of Second Adulthood:“ An inspiring, precious treasure of feminine wisdom offered
from the heart to this and future generations.”—Anne Baring, co-author of The Myth of the Goddess.

Antale:“ A breakthrough book…a page turner that will start you thinking and acting for a positive future”—Robert Muller, Chancellor Emeritus, University for Peace, Costa Rica

“I truly hope this book is picked up and made into a film.  The power of its message is desperately needed in this troubled world.”—Mona Brookes, Founder of Monart Drawing Schools.


Detailed information on the books and how to order can be obtained from the authors at or by going to book's individual websites.

For Antale: An Allegory of a World Reborn by Desmond Berghofer go to

For Journeys of Second Adulthood: A Woman's Search for Higher Ground by Geraldine Schwartz go to

Or from Amazon: Antale, Journeys of Second Adulthood

Desmond Berghofer's first novel, The Visioneers: A Courage Story about Belief in the Future is a fascinating and early expression of the new thinking about how to live and be in the world that is now breaking out all around us.



Praise for the Book

"The visioneering concept is truly world transforming in potentiality. . . Through the medium of an engrossing novel, you have given us a fantastic tool."
Willis Harman
Former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences
Author of Higher Creativity and Global Mind Change

"I am a Visioneer. I am with you. Your vision is about to transform so many."
Mona Brookes
Best-selling author of Drawing with Children and
Drawing for Older Children and Teens

"I am profoundly moved and eternally grateful to Des Berghofer for creating this insightful experience and support structure for all of us who still struggle to dare to imagine peace in our lifetimes."
Marilyn King
Two-time Olympian and founder of the Peace Team

"Congratulations on a spiritually moving and uplifting script."
Dorothy Blandford

"It is a powerful book, absorbing to read, vivid and emotional at times, and stimulating throughout. I was especially moved by the wonderful attitude of everyone working together for a mutual cause; something I have not experienced since the War."
Peter Marchant
Senior Citizen

"The book was an inspiration!!! It gives new meaning to the words rejuvenation and revitalization . . . This book ignites a spirit of human power . . . The children are the future. It is good to see you have incorporated children of the world as being influential and dynamic sources of energy."
Judy Magrill
Graduate Student

"The Visioneers will inspire people of all ages to gather under its banner and spread its message of the limitlessness of the human mind."
Jane Fredeman, Ph.D.
Simon Fraser University

"In this time when young adults are finding it difficult to get excited about the future, this book is a blessing in disguise. Carpe diem: Seize the day."
Sarah Berghofer
University Freshman



Readers of the heart begin here.

Dear Fellow Reader:

The book you are about to enter is not an ordinary reading experience. It is a journey which leads to a new country, a "promised land" in which, transformed and empowered, you will become a planetary citizen of a new and future time.

In order to travel to this place, some preparation is required. Each of us brings to every new experience a set of paradigms, concepts and beliefs that determine our perception of reality. These are the ultimate limits which act as blinders to the wider world of truth. To achieve the potential this book has to change you forever in a life-enhancing way, you must be prepared to suspend the set of judgments that hold your blinders in place. You must be prepared to hold fire and think deeply.

This journey includes the truths of ancient times passed down both in our genes and through the wisdom of our ancestors. It contains new and future truths about our state-of-the-art-understanding of human consciousness as the energy that fuels our world's engine. It encompasses the truth of the heart that we feel authentic, and the truth of the spirit that transcends religious dogma, to embrace the mind of humankind. It uplifts us to see the hope of what can be as we become children of a common God, brothers and sisters of the soul.

This book is written in the tradition of great literature since the first storytellers of our kind entranced their fellows with tales of imagination, of mystery, of suspense, of romance; and it is written in the new tradition of the visual cinema of the mind's eye, where frame after frame of exquisite beauty unfolds in a flow, exposing us to our deepest humanity.

It is the story of the triumph of good over evil, taking into account real world events, people and places. Carefully researched, it comes from the mind of a new renaissance author, knowledgeable about the world, who clearly understands the current scientific findings about consciousness and energy. It provides an easy learning of all those things that will stretch our belief system into a more flexible and expandable shape, a shape amenable to a quality life in the future to which we all must go.

Finally, it is a personal call to action to the reader to become a Visioneer, an engineer, a pioneer of a better future, a future that begins with oneself and moves to the realm of a relationship of meaning with others. Once this book has touched your heart, you will want to give a copy to those you love and care about. This book is a gift of love and of life.


Ideas from the Book

About the world . . .

" . . .swelling up across the whole vast richness of the human minds on this planet is a revulsion at our failure as the most noble creature on God's Earth to live up to our nobility." (page 152)

" . . . it's time now for us to take back into our own hands the responsibility for building a vision of the future that's full of the joy of human cooperation and caring." (page 153)

"And the time has come for the idea that we can, by leading with our visionary minds, create the kind of world that we would choose to live in for ourselves, and for our children, and for their children after them." (page 203)

About leadership . . .

"For leaders of true greatness, . . . the world can never ask too much. For such men and women are not shaken by the world. Rather they shape the world with their vision. They drive unerringly to the heart of all that matters, and in the fierce intensity of their courage they gather to them a force so strong that evil can't endure in the face of it." (page 352)

About the future . . .

"The supreme motivating concept of the future is synergy: men and women of all nations coming together under leaders of great vision, who see that the pursuit of a common ideal, one world, one Earth, one people, is the reason for all existence." (page 289}

"Today's world of negativity and limitation has been created by the prevailing collective unconscious. A new world tomorrow will be the outcome of a new collective unconscious, born of a new learning."

About business . . .

"We look for productivity gains through smart new systems, but the way you really get leaps in productivity is in the hearts and minds of people. The new paradigm that's out there for business is to understand that human consciousness is the most important resource we've got." (page 114)

How to Obtain a Copy of The Visioneers

Copies of The Visioneers are available from the author, Desmond Berghofer, by contacting him at